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RxView 360/RxViewServer
RxView360 (the HTML5 option) and RxViewServer (the ActiveX option) are available for online demo for visitors who want to see how they operate in a live web environment.
The ActiveX control and the HTML5 canvas are inserted into one web page each, created for demo purposes only. The web pages list a number of demo files, which are cached on Rasterex’ web server.
In addition, the users may upload files from the web, their own network or local machine for testing and evaluation.
The demo shows how the RxView360 and RxViewServer clients can be embedded into any kind of web solution. The RxViewServer needs to download a small ActiveX control in order to play, but then again it can do more on the client machine. The RxView360 is a zero footprint solution which requires no download at all on the client machine.
This could just as well have been a page within a document management system, a SharePoint portal or an internal drawing archive.
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