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24 February 2017
nanoCAD Mechanica launched!!
Proudly introducing nanoCAD Mechanica. An innovative 2D drafting and design software developed for mechanical engineers, designers.
9th Janurary 2017
nanoCAD Pro 8 Released!!
nanoCAD Pro 8 is more advanced version of nanoCAD Plus. It comprises Autodesk Inventor-style tool for 3D modelling and parametric design which suits for much more advanced tasks. It is available as 32-bit and as native 64-bit versions.

1st February 2016
oft Launches The Latest Version Of PlanTracer-PlanTracer 7.0!!

PlanTracer 7.0 supports AutoCAD 2010-2016. PlanTracer delivers advanced tools for floor plan drawing and editing in addition to AutoCAD's tools. Its unique toolset also includes automatic and semi-automatic conversion of input such as 2D CAD drawings or raster floor and building plans into intelligent models. PlanTracer will recognize a floor plan, extract FM data and create Intelligent Objects from vector or raster drawings. These objects will contain all the necessary data for your FM solution.

10th November 2015
WiseImage 16 Released!!
WiseImage 16 is a modern and exclusive invention of hybrid CAD application that includes powerful and dynamic tools for scanning, raster editing, Advanced PDF engine,raster to vector conversion of images and 2D drafting

24 April 2015
wiseCAD 6.0 LAUNCHED We are thrilled to launch our new version of WiseCAD - WiseCAD 6.0 for designers to make daily work easy.
New features include:
Auto dimension
Raster function
Audit geometry

14 Februrary 2015

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Rasterex News
ies the latest major release in our destop viewers. See our press reere:
22 November 2017
  HYPERLINK "http://www.rasterex.com/index.php/rasterex-releases-rxview-rxhighlight-r18/"Rasterex releases RxView & RxHighlight R18
Rasterex Software, a global leader within document viewing and collaboration, today released version R18 of their popular desktop viewer for Windows. Version R18 is a major release Main reason for release PDF to DWG/DXF conversion is now much better as layers are retained and text will be written AutoCAD 2018 Support (read/write) PDF Merge tool
1 October 2014
website has been updated. Please inform us if any links that may nolonger work. Please Rasterex provides four different alternatives for multi format viewing, printing, markup and collaboration.
All four alternatives are built on the same core technology, with the same feature sets and format support, but differenciated for running in different environments.
The Desktop viewer is a fully featured Windows application. RxView offers basic viewing functionality, like viewing, printing and file conversion. RxHighlight adds markup and annotation capabilities, as well as advanced functionality for batch printing and batch conversion. It can be installed from a DVD or downloaded directly over the internet.
The ActiveX control provides the same functionality, but compiled as an ActiveX control, to run within any web, VB, Delphi, .net, MFC, C#, C++ application. Software developers or integrators have access to hundreds of methods and properties for easy implementation and customization. Once integrated within the solution, all users can download and install an MSI-package (with ActiveX control and core technology) and start using the viewer as a part of the solution.
The Server-based solution uses the exact same ActiveX control to perform client-side operations, but installs all underlying technology on a server. Software developers or integrators will integrate the ActiveX client control within their solution. But when a user clicks to open a file, the file is being uploaded to the server and converted to a secure content format and streamed over to the client machine. The very first time, the ActiveX control is being downloaded silently in the background, and stays there for subsequent use.
The HTML5-based solution uses the same server-side installation, but does not send an ActiveX control to the client machines. The server writes the file content to an HTML5 canvas, which can be integrated into any web page. HTML5 is understood by all browsers, and does not need any client-side installation.
Customer News:
1 July 2016 RasterTech® Australia is now a division of Breedveld Enterprisies Ltd